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This Is Our Story

Aventura Las Cascadas operates its riding tours and day visits from Rancho Las Cascadas an internationally known guest ranch.

This favorite place for long stay horseback riding vacation over the last 20 years is now open to the local market for day tours and experiences.

Get to know us during short visits of only one or two days. Folks who live in Mexico City, airline flight crews with layovers in the city, or vacationers taking in the sites all over Mexico can stop by for a little bit of rest and relaxation.  They are able to enjoy all the incredible amenities, wonderful food, and amazing horseback riding they can fit into the day!

What Makes Us Special

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Horses & Guides

We offer trail rides for all ability levels, although those born on a hill prove to be a bit of a challenge. 

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Handpicked Adventures

Each ride is led by an experienced wrangler who looks out for the safety of all riders in the group. 

Hidden Gem Destination

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Hidden Gem Destination

Las Cascadas is a small, luxury countryside ranch resort and wellness escape off-the-beaten-path in the altiplano of Mexico.

What Our Visitors Say...

“Such a beautiful trail with amazing horses. The wranglers are the friendliest and most knowledgeable group of horse people I've ever met.”

Scott Lowe

“We have found a little slice of heaven in the Mexican back country.”

The Robertsons

“We loved our horses and the ride was great! Our guide was awesome and the area is gorgeous. I can't wait to return! 

Jody and Tom Larson

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